Happy Times!

It’s time to make way for Christmas! Our early Christmas gift this year was the acquisition of a Graphtec CE-6000 cutting plotter!  HOORAY!  This new toy gives us the ability to offer smaller runs of imprinted custom apparel while keeping costs lower for our customers than traditional screen-printing.  We can offer competitively priced single-piece runs with a turnaround of typically 1-2 business days!

The Graphtec CE6000 offers a high-quality alternative to traditional screen printing by using a vinyl film application.  A thin layer of vinyl film is fed into the cutter and is cut with precision via computer software. This software allows incredibly detailed and smooth curves to be cut which create text and/or shapes.

The excess vinyl material is then removed or ‘weeded’ from the rest.

The film is then heat applied onto the garment of your choice and “voila!”

With over a dozen colours and foils to choose from, you are only an email away from that ideal Christmas gift. Or Shower gift. Or Birthday gift… you get the idea!

Hit us up at nishtees@gmail.com, or through our contact page to get your custom order started!


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