Our new cutting plotter is great and we have been busy experimenting with various techniques and materials for imprinting.  My latest project incorporates metallic foil and flock heat transfer materials from Stahls Canada.

I wanted to challenge myself with these materials so I chose this creation.  The text Nish (short for Anishinabe) is reflective of how I feel about my indigenous culture.  It always feels like it is a growing part of me, but it has often been restrained within the bounds of the colonial mainstream.  The end characters are confined by the boundary, but the ‘I’ (self) is trying to bust out of the top….  Needless to say, getting the whole thing registered and aligned correctly proved to be a real challenge IRL, but I think I did relatively well considering this was a first attempt, and a first time using flock material.

So I got excited and forgot to snap pics at the start of the process, but the foil we have works best with a cuttable adhesive.  Essentially, the adhesive gets cut with the cutting machine into the required shape and is then heat pressed onto the garment.  After peeling the carrier layer off, a foil sheet gets pressed  onto this super sticky adhesive and the excess is removed after cooling. The result is this:

Once I had the border in place, I cut out the flock material.  Flock material has a fuzzy suede-like feel once it is applied and I thought it would be a nice contrast to the metallic sheen of the foil…

The next step was to cut the text from the flock material which was pretty easy.  Props to Stahls for providing excellent guidelines and instructions for their products…! The letters are in direct contact to one another, so I had to trim the carrier sheets down and tack each letter down for a few seconds to hold it in place.






After all of the letters were in place and lightly heated to hold them there, I gave it a final press and peeled off the carriers.  The result was my latest creation and new favourite sweatshirt!  Shiny AND fuzzy, the best of both worlds!

Hope you like it as much as I do!

If you have any questions about heat pressing or the materials I used I would be happy to help, just go to the contact page and fill out the form!  Don’t worry, I don’t spam.




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