Before We Can Quote

If you are looking for some detailed pricing information on custom print runs for your business, school, or organization, we can help.  Before we can get you an accurate account of costs, there are a few variables that we need to take into account.  They are:



We have a wide selection of imprintable garments to choose from and their prices vary. 

Pricing for items that are XXL and larger may require a surcharge.  This is passed on to us from the manufacturer and typically accounts for material and labour costs for smaller runs of these larger sizes.  These larger size production runs are generally in lower quantities and more frequent, and based on demand which is why the surcharge is required.

To get a better idea on the cost of blank items you can look at THIS LINK HERE.

Generally speaking, the higher the quantity of items in the order, the lower the unit cost.  Items can be mixed and matched, often without affecting the print cost, with some exceptions...



Another important factor that affects cost is the number of colours in a print.  White is a colour, so is black. Every shade of colour would be considered it's own 'spot colour', meaning it has it's own screen and it's own setup fees.  Pricing for custom runs begin at 12 pieces, while orders for less than 12 pieces will need to be custom quoted.

Placement of printing is also required prior to quoting as some specialty placement require extra setup and specialty inks.  The number of prints on a garment also has an effect on price since each print colour and placement requires time and resources to make print-ready.



While we at Nish Tees pride ourselves on having the quickest turnaround time in the area (5 business days is our usual), it is always best to have your order placed and artwork approved at least 10 business days before you need to use it.  This buffer will allow for product shortages, shipment errors, and shipping, and makes everyone happy!  If you require your order as soon as possible please let us know.  We should be able to prioritize your order and push it through with Priority Status for a fee provided it is feasible (see pricing page).

There may be a few other little details that need sorting before giving you an estimate, but if you start with these 3 basic points we should be able to get you into the ballpark!

Contact us to get the ball rolling!