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VHS Viperwear!

We’re keeping it simple this year by just offering cozy hoodies. 😊


  • Designs: 

    • Serpent design or Text-only design.

    • Only on the front of the hoodie, full-sized.

  • Arm text is also available:

    • Maximum 2 lines (very short)

    • Must be appropriate! (e.g., just name, year, etc.)

    • $10 extra


  • Ready before the end of January -- so perhaps a late holiday gift? ;) 

  • To avoid large shipping fees, Ms. Gowanlock will deliver to ‘hubs’ around the board.

  • You will go to the ‘hubs’ for pick-up & staff will distribute to you directly.

    • If ‘brick schools’ are in session, the ‘hubs’ will likely be schools.

    • If they are not, the ‘hubs’ will be determined & communicated to you. 

  • If you want your hoodie(s) delivered directly to your home instead, that is also an option.

    • You will pay an extra shipping fee directly to Nish Tees when you place your order.


  • If our VHS team is hand-delivering your hoodie(s) to you, we will need your contact info so we can sort out your ‘hubs’:

    • Name of person ordering (parent or student) 

    • Email of person ordering (parent or student)

    • Phone number of person ordering (parent/home)

    • Name of student at VHS (may be same/different than person ordering)

    • Is this a surprise? (i.e., a gift?) (Y/N)


  • If you would like a ‘certificate’ to indicate that a gift is coming, please contact mailto: as soon as possible! 

  • Please add a clear subject line: “VHS Hoodies – Certificate Needed”.


Go Vipers! 😊

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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