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MSHIKENH/TURTLE - Grandfather Teachings Tee

MSHIKENH/TURTLE - Grandfather Teachings Tee

By popular request!! We have had so many requests for 2020's Orange Shirt Day design that we've put it on a black shirt with a description of the grandfather teaching on the back.


The Mshiikenh (Turtle) is part of our 7 grandfather teachings.  It is used to teach us about truth (debwewin).  The mshiikenh understands that life is about the journey as well as the destination, and has faith and trust in their teachings.  The mshiikenh understands their place in this life and applies their understanding to the way they walk.  Being true to yourself will help you to be true to all other things.


White ink with a purple-teal-yellow blend overprint, white text on back.  Adult Unisex sozing only at this time.

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